100 Live Saltwater Blue Leg Crabs

Live Plants To Your Aquarium

Sometimes live plants need a little help remain healthy in a tank environment. If your plants which are live, are not doing along with they should be, they'll provide you with indications of poor health. For instance, most live plants that have a reddish or orange color will have a need for iron additives to be able to remain healthy. Green plants whose leaves turn yellow are probably displaying a hint of iron deficiency. Luckily, you can buy great plant additives that may include iron, nitrates, phosphates, and other nutrients to keep the live plants in your tank healthy.

Lighting is a vital component in the process of photosynthesis. It is the energy of light that powers the entire progression. Both important variables in aquarium lighting for live plants are light intensity and interval. Intensity deals with the color and power of the light. In the natural world, plants demand the red and blue light spectrums in sun. Aquarium enthusiasts who cultivate live plants need to use metal halide or fluorescent lighting emitting these spectrums. Light power naturally depends upon the size of your aquarium. It truly is recommended that you use two watts of lighting per gallon to spark sufficient plant development.

The interval is simply the duration of time the lighting is made on. Ten to twelve hour cycles are recommended for aquariums stimulating development of plants which are live.

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100 Live Saltwater Blue Leg Crabs/100 Nassarius snails Cleaning crew

100 Live Saltwater Blue Leg Crabs/100 Nassarius snails Cleaning crew


´╗┐Aquariums - Chemical Filters Introduction If you have an aquarium, whether it is a freshwater or saltwater aquarium, you need to know about the various filters used in an aquarium. One filter you need to understand is the chemical filter. Chemical Filters Another method of filtration you will need to consider for your aquarium is chemical filtration. Chemical filtration will help make your aquarium water clear by removing chemicals, waste particles and in some cases foul orders from your aquarium water. The chemicals you need to remove come from tap water and the decay of excess fish food. These chemicals are phosphate and silicate that will cause your water to become cloudy from algae blooms. This type of filtration uses a chemical process to help clean your water. Chemical filters help bind particles together and are then removed by your mechanical filter or they may come in solid form, such as activated charcoal, to remove unwanted particles directly. Chemical filters will also remove any medications you add to your water to cure your sick fish. If you do add medications to your aquarium, remove any chemical filters you have in your tank. I would like to stress here that if your fish do get sick, having a quarantine tank is better for you to treat the fish and not the entire tank. If you treat the tank with medication, you run the danger of killing your plants and your established bacteria colony. Freshwater Aquarium Chemical Filters The most common type of chemical filtration, activated carbon, that removes dissolved organic substances, unwanted color caused by driftwood in your aquarium and foul odors. Most mechanical filters come with activated charcoal built into the foam pad. A power filter, like I have, has activated charcoal installed just before the pad. So when you install a new pad you are replacing the activated charcoal also. Another chemical filter used, zeolite, removes ammonia. But if your biological filter is working properly, you will not need this type of filter. This could be used in your quarantine tank where you may not necessarily have a bacteria colony to remove the ammonia. Saltwater Aquariums Saltwater aquariums have their own special chemical filter called a protein skimmers or foam fractionators. Freshwater aquariums may use these but these are not the first choice for freshwater Aquarists. They work by creating air bubbles, created by an air stone, that attract small waste particles. These air bubbles along with any waste are captured by a filter where the waste is removed from your aquarium.

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100 Live Saltwater Blue Leg Crabs/100 Nassarius snails Cleaning crew

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